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Innit Connected Kitchen

PI was tasked by the Bay Area food-tech start-up Innit to help develop a suite of early stage connected devices that would embody the company’s vision of the future of food technology, storage and preparation. The product suite was featured at Innit’s debut at the high-end store Perch in Manhattan, helping Innit to create brand awareness and establish critical partnerships within the established appliance industry.

Innit’s technology integrates a network of sensors, cameras, and smart appliances with a massive library of digitized recipes and an easy to use app. This system suggests meal plans based on the ingredients already available, maximizing food usage and minimizing waste. The system prompts users through the recipe step by step and controls cooking temperatures and duration to produce perfect dishes every time.

Innit is on a mission to conquer the kitchen and take care of the people and food within it. The Silicon Valley-based company has developed the world's first Connected Food Platform, which simplifies the entire food journey for consumers. Working with partners across appliance, retail, and CPG brands, Innit combines strengths through the “With Innit” program to provide a personalized, connected and confidence-building consumer experience from inspiration to plated reality.

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