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Sentio Putter Recognized as a Finalist in 2018 IDEA Awards


We are honored to announce that PI’s patented design of the Sentio Sierra 101 golf putter was recognized today as a Finalist in the 2018 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) competition. The IDEA is an annual design award competition hosted by the Industrial Designers Society of America, or IDSA, to recognize the best in the world of product design.

As explained by the IDSA:

[The IDEA awards] celebrate the pinnacle of design achievement year after year and are a catalyst for the designers fortunate enough to win. Trends will come and go, but one thing endures … winning an IDEA is a career-defining moment and positions winners instantaneously in the global spotlight. Each year over 1,600 entries are submitted across a wide-ranging span of categories, making IDEA one of the largest and most eagerly anticipated annual awards programs in existence. 

A jury of world-renowned designers representing a cross-section of design disciplines is assembled every year and descends upon the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI for the final judging stages. Finalist entries are meticulously evaluated in a blind setting with incredible attention to detail and rigor. Point values are assigned and tabulated based upon excellence of: design innovation; user experience; benefit to the client; benefit to society and appropriate aesthetics. 

The Sierra 101 line of putters, featuring a patented floating face construction.

The Sierra 101 line of putters, featuring a patented floating face construction.

Sentio putters feature a patented floating face construction, which completely separates the metal face and body with an insert-molded thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) polymer core.  This creates a unique feel, combining the best elements of inserts and milled putters into one. The Sierra 101 line comes in Soft, Medium, and Firm models, each molded with a different durometer (and color) of TPE, giving each a slightly different feel and roll-out distance. For the first time, players can choose a putter based on feel preference and the speed of their local greens.


PI’s innovation team developed Sentio’s unique line of putters from initial idea all the way through mass production. Using a detailed analysis of the marketplace and what matters most to golfers, our process uncovered an untapped opportunity that ultimately manifested in a US utility patent and the birth of a fledgling company. Sentio’s putters are now available worldwide in distribution and on their website

To learn more about our work with Sentio, visit here.