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MKS Instruments

Brand Language, Design


MKS Instruments is an industry leader in the production of sensors, valves, power supplies, and control systems used primarily in the semi-conductor industry. After years of successful growth and acquisition, the company’s large product offering was spread across multiple brands, each with different coloration, naming conventions, form factors, graphics, etc. They faced a common problem with consolidation - it’s difficult to project a cohesive brand message when your customers can’t recognize which products are yours.

The design team at PI worked extensively with MKS to develop a new universal visual brand language versatile enough to be applied across multiple product categories, platforms and media. Since their products are often a component of a much larger machine assembly, MKS wanted an aesthetic that would be instantly recognizable from a distance and would stand out from the predominantly stainless steel surroundings. The solution implements a charcoal background that sets off a high contrast blue and green pinstripe with large white branding. PI developed a form language that communicates the quality and robustness that MKS customers expect in their instrumentation.

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